Monday, February 21, 2011

Steam Vents

With the steam vents, I took some old screen in the attic and cut out pieces 5" x 5" in size to be attached to small wood segments that can be bought at a local craft store.  I drilled 6 holes in the wood and put some earth magnets inside the wood.  This allows for the steam vents to be removable when walking through them with your models.

The steam vents were there to produce a forest indoors since anything realistic for shrubbery in a warehouse was unlikely.  Due to lack of sight it is considered to slow down movement like a forest and provide concealment. 

The steam is merely four ends of cue tips cut to different lengths and glued together after careful pulling of the ends.  The bottom is small pieces of magnet that each one of us probably has somewhere on our fridge in some form of another that is easily cuttable.  It provides enough magnetic force to grab on the earth magnet without holding it too tightly.  It actually works quite nicely.

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