Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Box of Crates Hill for the Warehouse

I had decided to go with the first elevated terrain piece on the concept suggested online with crates.  Only the constructive imagination brought me to blocks of wood that I could purchase at the store.  So I got three packages of 1" block and glued them together.  Then used a piece of foam board on top of them to give a nice standing ground.  Then I attached small wooden pieces around the edges to give it more of a crate look and feel.

Then in order to cover the top and save myself some serious additional work, I figured that I would use a tarp over the wooden crates.  I had an old poncho that I had torn while fishing and thought it would give a good look and feel.  Then went out and bought some eyelits from the craft store for building clothing.  I put the eyelits inside the tarp and used a string to tighten the tarp around the boxes.  The only part left for me to do with what I want in this elevated terrain piece will probably be to stain the wooden crates under the tarp...and perhaps dirty them up a bit afterwards, even chip at them.  But as is it didn't come out quite bad.  I'll try another elevated terrain piece or two in the near future off of another suggestion that one of you made in the forums as well.  The current piece is shown below.


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